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Company profile

Zhuhai Titans New Power Electronics Co., Ltd.

  Zhuhai Titans New Power Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, manufacturing energy recycling type, sub capacity, sorting and automated warehousing logistics, various types of core modules and test equipment professional manufacturers. Has been dedicated to the study of energy recovery technology and automatic control technology, the company has a large number of technical research and development of power electronics, automatic control of a class of senior professionals, is the first high frequency energy recovery technology used in the production and testing of battery energy recovery equipment enterprises, is currently the highest in the domestic and foreign energy enterprises, is a with independent intellectual property rights and can provide the battery production automatic production line of one-stop service, including single cell sorting, sorting and testing module test battery module automation line of Integrated Company.

  The main products of company development and operation and solutions are: energy feedback type battery capacity system, test system, electric core and battery sorting system, automatic detection system of lithium battery production solutions.

Choose Titans new power three reasons

  • Technology leadership Battery energy recovery equipment energy efficiency highest The first domestic high frequency energy recovery technology used in battery production and testing enterprises Products were national new products, commitment to national Torch Program, 863 plan and other projects

  • Reliable Performance Product is low failure rate,with stable performance Twenty years experience in electronic product development and Application BMW, Mercedes Benz and other top manufacturers equipment provider

  • Tailored Customized backend production process solution Customized total production process optimization program